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About the project

What is Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People?

Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People is an education programme on the Te Tiriti o Waitangi: the Treaty of Waitangi. Its key aim is to build relationships between tangata tiriti – people of the Treaty (non-Māori), and tangata whenua – people of the land (Māori).

Why is the Treaty important for all New Zealanders?

The Treaty of Waitangi is important for all New Zealanders. Māori who signed the Treaty agreed to share their country with the people who would come here later: Treaty people, tangata tiriti.

It is especially important for tangata tiriti to understand the Māori text of the Treaty: Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Māori expectations of the relationship they would have with the new settlers who have come since it was signed.

That’s why we all need to know about and respect the Treaty.

Who are we?

Members of the Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People steering group are drawn from:

  • The Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People project team
  • Auckland Regional Migrant Services
  • Tamaki Treaty Workers
  • Tauiwi and Māori treaty educators

The steering group meets twice a year.

What do we do?

Our main activities are:

  1. Distribution of the Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People resource book to people teaching about the Treaty around the country.
  2. Running Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People workshops for new migrants and for organisations throughout the country.
  3. Running Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People facilitator training programmes.